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About the use, characteristics and advantages of growth bags

About the use, characteristics and advantages of growth bags

About the use, characteristics and advantages of growth bags


Characteristics of growth bags:


The special synthetic fiber non-woven fabric imported for water and soil protection from Taiwan used in various specifications of growth bags has the characteristics of anti-aging, air permeability and good tension. Cultivation of various seedling products, reduce the production cost, shorten the production cycle, save water. Moisturizing and preserving fertilizer, to ensure the survival rate of seedlings, and is not affected by seasonal.


Convenient for transplanting, loading and unloading.


 About the use, characteristics and advantages of growth bags


Advantages of growth bags:


  1. The root system is not easy to grow around: long because the special reinforced polypropylene material wall can make some roots penetrate, and then limit the thick root length, so the beard root is well developed and has no disk root phenomenon, which is no different from field planting.


  1. The soil ball is small and not easy to be loose: the system has a large number of beard roots in the bag, so the soil ball is smaller than the traditional way, and the soil ball is not easy to be loose when transplanted, especially the trees planted in sandy soil.


  1. Transplantation is fast and easy, and the transplant season is greatly extended: the trees planted with this growth bag do not grow down long, and only a few side roots through the side-reinforced polypropylene material need to be broken to transplant, only simple tools to cut off a few side roots can be transplanted trees. Because more than 80% of the roots are stored in the bag planting amount and will not be hurt, basically can be transplanted throughout the year.


  1. It can reduce multiple costs:


Cultivation cost-compared with container cultivation, the cost is much lower, do not need to use expensive potted cultivation soil and irrigation equipment and more save work.


Packaging cost- -after harvesting, the beauty growth bag can be used as a packaging earth ball container, without additional packaging to reduce the cost, we should pay attention to the planting in the engineering site, remove the growth bag first.


Handling cost- -because the root is complete and nutrients accumulate in the bag, the ball can be about 25% less than the traditional tree ball, or the same size of the ball can be planted with larger trees, and the new bag adds four portable rings, so the handling cost can be reduced.


Transplant cost- -Ordinary workers can transplant without skilled workers. And the Chinese Seedling Horticulture Association for many years of practice proved that the survival rate of seedling transplanting reached 100%.

Maintenance cost- -High survival rate after transplant, which can save on future maintenance costs.


The above listed items show that the bag is less expensive and more profitable than the traditional field planting or the planting of containers (plastic basins or wooden boxes). And avoid excavating ceramic soil, protect the environment and soil, save ceramic energy, in line with the energy saving and carbon reduction policy; small size, light quality, corrosion resistance without mildew, conducive to operation, storage, sales and transportation.


  1. Transplant survival rate and quality improved significantly, according to a recent study of Michigan State university, with traditional field planting trees transplantation, up to 98% of the root was removed, and root storage carbohydrates (nutrients) in the new root growth fast, and reduce the cost of transplantation to engineering site after management, therefore do not need to trim before transplantation, tree quality.


  1. Convenient and quick operation according to the growth status of seedlings, adjust the spacing at any time, facilitate shaping and pruning; direct transplant planting does not need to move the basin, environmental protection and convenient, save the seedling packaging time and labor costs, greatly reduce the transportation cost of transplantation. According to the above advantages, the use of beauty growth bags to produce seedlings is the most advanced trend, it will have great benefits to producers, in addition to a number of other uses, such as the recovery of sample house plants on the garden.

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