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Common quality problems of carpets and their prevention

Common quality problems of carpets and their prevention

Common quality defects of Carpets, Doormats, Kitchen Rugs and their Prevention and Cure


  1. The appearance surface is uneven, with drum and wrinkle phenomenon.


Reasons: carpet hit when bulging phenomenon, and did not roll back to spread again; carpet laying, in order to do tensile treatment, push tension uneven, laying uneven, appear relaxation condition; base wall shaded corner of the floor wood strip failed to grasp the carpet, appear wavy, easy to wrinkle the product; the ground itself uneven, carpet wet deformation.


Common quality problems of carpets and their prevention


Prevention and control measures: when the carpet is opened, the drum phenomenon must be rolled back immediately and then rebalanced, paying attention to the flat surface; when laying the carpet, the floor must be carried out with lacquer palm, push the floor section by section, so that it can be tightened and flat, and then anchored with steel bar to prevent relaxation; the carpet should be cut properly in the shade corner of the wall, pressed into the wall, and struck with a flat shovel, so that the scratching nails on the floor strip can really grasp the carpet. The smoothness of the surface of the ground should not be more than 4 mm; after laying the carpet, it should be strictly prevented from soaking wet and getting wet again.


  1. The flower decoration is asymmetrical


Reason: the carpet to be laid has not been carefully observed and studied, there is no distinction between the characteristics of no flowers and flowers and blind operation, the two connected carpet flowers are asymmetrical; because the carpet specifications selected and purchased are not consistent with the area laid in the room, if in order to connect the carpet ornaments symmetrical, need to cut off the asymmetric part, resulting in carpet area is not enough.


Prevention and control measures: according to the laying area, reasonable selection and purchase of appropriate specifications of the carpet, we should pay attention to if it is the pattern carpet should also consider retaining the margin; the carpet should be carefully observed and studied before laying, the mosaic and cutting of the pattern carpet should be appropriate, carefully pasted with the glue belt at the joint, and the seam should be flattened and compacted, unable to sew or separate the seam.


  1. Color inconsistency


Reason: the carpet material is poor, easy to fade, the surface has the pattern, the color phase is not unified; the base base damp or the sun exposure causes the carpet surface color to turn white and lighter; due to the base ground part seepage, the carpet is easy to absorb water, the wet carpet is easy to dirty and mildew.


Prevention and control measures: the carpet, which is not easy to fade and is of good material, does not need secondary residues; carpet laying should not be allowed until the base level is basically dry and the moisture content is less than 18%; if the carpet can be drenched by rain or infiltrated in the ground, carpet must never be laid.


  1. Flanging and rolling up


Reason: the carpet is not firmly fixed; the bond is not firm.


Prevention and control measures: the wall and column edge should be nailed to the inverted prickle board and fixed the carpet; when the carpet is glued to the fixed carpet, the high quality floor glue should be selected, the brush glue should be uniform, and the carpet should be pressed and compacted after laying.


  1. The seam does not close smoothly.


The seam fluff is not treated; there is no elastic line at the closing point, and the closing strip is not straight.


The carpet joint is sutured with curved needles to make dense sutures of fluffy fluff; at the closing point, the thread is bouncing, the closing strip is straight with the thread nail.



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