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How to water and fertilize tomatoes in growth bags? Yes, it's easier than soil planting.

How to water and fertilize tomatoes in growth bags? Yes, it's easier than soil planting.

How to water and fertilize tomatoes in growth bags? Yes, it's easier than soil planting.


Tomatoes are grown in bags, which is becoming more and more popular and a good way to get started with soilless cultivation for many friends. After many friends saw it, there were also many questions: the planting bag was filled with earthworm dung, while the tomato seedlings were directly planted in earthworm dung. Although the method was very new, but left the soil, do not know how to water and fertilize?


The management of water and fertilizer is one of the key aspects in the soilless culture of tomato, which affects the growth and yield of tomato. Many seedlings wilt and their roots are damaged because of improper watering and fertilization. Seemingly incomparably complex watering and fertilizing, after familiarity, is even simpler than soil cultivation.


How to water and fertilize tomatoes in growth bags? Yes, it's easier than soil planting.


  1. Watering


When the soil is planted, many farmers continuously water the plants after they are planted, always worrying about the lack of water for the tomatoes. By the time it came to fruition, the tomato plants had wilted. This is mainly because the amount of water, the soil oxygen was squeezed away, there are retting roots, pathogens are also prone to invasion, resulting in plant wilt.


In soilless culture, this kind of problem seldom appears generally. For example, earthworm dung as a substrate for cultivation, on the one hand can hold water, on the other hand, air can also enter, will not affect the growth of tomato roots. Despite excessive watering, the planting bag has holes in the bottom and can be discharged in time. Before and after planting, watering the plant water, promote slow seedling, improve the survival rate of seedlings. When planted in early spring, water the fruit once every five or six days before swelling it.


  1. Fertilize


Many friends asked, how to grow tomatoes in the bag fertilizer? General soilless cultivation, there are drip irrigation equipment in the shed, will add fertilizer to fertilizer irrigation, and then can be applied fertilizer along the water. The early stage foundation has done well, irrigates fertilizes all saves the artificial labor very much.


When cultivating soil, many farmers apply too much fertilizer and the soil concentration is high, which causes damage to the root system, not only wastes the fertilizer, but also affects the growth of tomato. When fertilizing tomato soilless culture, we should pay attention to fertilizer concentration and determine EC value. The concentration of fertilizer varies at different growth stages. Tomato seedlings need less nutrients, EC value is small, generally not more than 2. To the fruit stage, the need for more nutrients, fertilizer also increased.


At different growth stages, the tomato fertilizer formula is also different. For example, after the slow seedling, use promote 20-10-20 fertilizer formula, promote the growth of stems. Then use the formula of promoting flower and protecting fruit, expanding fruit, can't use a fertilizer formula from beginning to end. Unlike soil culture, there are other micronutrient besides nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium that can not be ignored when fertilizing.


Some farmers say, tomato growth exuberant, planted in a bag, how can high yield? In fact, water and fertilizer management is a key point, both to supplement nutrients and water, without causing harm to the root system. After water and fertilizer management, but also pay attention to salt and ph, to create a suitable growth environment for tomatoes.


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