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Personal experience in purchasing and using household ladders

Personal experience in purchasing and using household ladders

Personal experience in purchasing and using household ladders


These days just talk about ladders, write down the experience of household ladders.


Personal experience in purchasing and using household ladders


Three principles:


  1. For the family, do not be too professional. You can't use a professional point of view, and it's not for professional plumbers.


  1. Because of transportation, many ladders are bought locally. I can buy a lot of brands, miscellaneous brands or even no brands here. Compared, bought enough of the top ten brands. Most of them do.


  1. It is definitely a personal experience, not to promote soft text.



  1. First of all, the type of ladder, commonly used is straight ladder and herringbone ladder.


Straight ladders are generally less used. In particular, commercial housing is unlikely to buy straight ladders. Straight ladders now also have a lot of patterns, pure straight ladders, such as wood steel pipes with very few bamboo, most of which are folded or telescopic.


Folding ladder


Many joints of folding ladders can be folded 360 degrees (usually one card every 90 degrees). Do a variety of shapes (suitable for some of the more difficult layout environment).


Telescopic ladder


There are not so many telescopic ladders, some of which can be folded with one joint (herringbone telescopic ladder, or double-sided telescopic ladder). Expansion, as the name implies, does not need to be explained (in fact, there is another kind also called telescopic ladder, but it is not tube telescopic, too cold door, do not introduce.) . Telescopic ladders are the favorite of plumbers. Battery cars are very easy to take with you.


The drawback of the straight ladder is that it is too heavy. It's usually bought professionally. Most of the straight ladders are aluminum alloy, but some joints are inevitably iron. Improper preservation and use is still easy to rust. It is difficult to make telescopic ladders. It's hard to make it durable. Some large factories dare not even do telescopic ladders, folding ladders and large factories produce them. It seems that only some fake German brands produce telescopic ladders (Germany is from the European Union, the EU ladder standard is en131, and it is difficult to produce qualified telescopic ladders at all).


Well, if I buy it, I'll buy a flip-flyer ladder, except for a little less reliable, too heavy and not cheap, and not comfortable enough to step on. Basically omnipotent. Of course, household purchases are not recommended.


Second, the household is mainly a herringbone ladder. The herringbone ladder looks like A. There are three subdivisions: with or without handrails, with or without tool boxes, whether unilateral, and so on, the following three pictures to see clearly. Of course, the one with the armrest must be unilateral.


Without armrest, left side, right side with armrest also with toolbox, is also the most mainstream loser special, with armrest without toolbox even losers are not recommended, with armrest without toolbox extra wide pedal


Herringbone ladder buys the most, next elaborated my experience.


It is best to buy one with armrest and one with armrest. Standing high is not easy to lose balance. However, it is clear that it is impossible to carry handrails on both sides of the ladder, so it is a trade-off. Some king lights need to be installed by two people together, with double ladders. Of course, generally there is no need for bilateral ladders, bilateral ladders have one more ladder, which will be much heavier.


The toolbox had better have, repair, have a toolbox is much more convenient, otherwise have to run up and down every time (put in the pocket or get a bag does not bring the toolbox convenient), many novice often forget to buy the style that brings the toolbox. The toolbox is also rich and rudimentary, moderate enough.


Many people like very wide pedals, in fact, there is no need.


Too narrow, of course not. I used to use stainless steel door and window shop manual welding, that pipe thin, the soles of leather shoes are x, the time to step on is very uncomfortable. But the width is basic, and it's not a stool. Novice is easily confused by fancy pedals. Some pedals are wide enough to even use a guideway. This is actually very bad. In practice, it can be used in moderation. The pedal width of the mainstream brand of household ladders is basically all right.


Besides, the material. The first choice must be aluminum. Strong and light, do not use iron, ultra-low end of the ladder is iron (steel).


In addition, safety considerations (fear of death), especially live operation, professional electricians (talking about attitude, not professional or with or without electrical license) also use fiberglass. Glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) is insulated. It is also subdivided into all FRP and part of FRP (the pedal is aluminum and the other main body is FRP). But insulation is also limited, ah, at the same time contact positive and negative electrodes, immortals ladder is also unable to do.


Even aluminum, some companies cut corners, for example, the top pedal is iron.


But the connecting rod and some screws in the middle of the ladder are inevitably iron. So it is difficult to perfect without rust at all.


Also, although aluminum is light, but in order to be safe, ladders must have weight. Some girls want to buy ladders that are too light.


The second is height, which is the most troublesome. Many relatives save money to buy four steps of ladder, in fact, it is not enough.


Because unless the ladder has handrails, the top stage will make it more or less difficult for the novice to grasp the balance. Even if there are handrails, handrails may not be very useful for a tall one. In addition, in order to be "cost-effective", ladders often use "touch height, maximum height, maximum use height", and also bring a ladder diagram to fool people.


Take the herringbone ladder with handrails as an example. The most comfortable work height is flat, with a little stretch at most. A lot of touching height is very uncomfortable, especially for a long time or very hard. It's hard.


Therefore, some water and electricity unions with lights ask if you can add commercial housing and whether there are ladders, if so, but about four steps, they usually bring their own ladders to install them.


Even if the 4 steps can be used, it is not comfortable, the subconscious expectation ends quickly, rough inevitable, the effect of the installation is certainly not satisfactory.


Because each brand, each style, each step of the height division is actually different. Specifically, it depends on the height of the work. This is the main one. The general working height plus more than 1 meter (depending on the height of the person) is equal to the net height of your house (the maximum distance from the floor to the ceiling, including the balcony). The general commercial housing theory is 2.8-3 meters, the actual most common is 2.6-2.7 meters. So 5-6 steps is more appropriate.


There are some bragging and shameless work heights + 2 meters on the Internet, which is also drunk. This height can only be said to be enough, it is difficult to do more complex homework.


By the way, even if you're taller than Yao Ming, you don't mean you can buy a short one, thinking that if someone else uses it, and tall people are prone to height fear (because handrails don't have much effect on them), it's actually deducted. You ask Yao Ming to make a roller coaster, the safety pole may only reach the knee. And the girls are above the breasts. The feelings are completely different. All right, we're off the subject.


In my own villa and so on, the height is generally close to 4 meters. A shorter eight-step ladder is not enough. It is common to use an eight-step handrail herringbone ladder with a working height of 2.1 meters. Or 2.5 meters or so without handrails.


To put it simply, the ladder is high or low. Of course, there's no need for tall exaggeration. A friend bought a ladder and was drunk when he unrolled the height (working height + handrail height) and hit the ceiling.


The advantage of herringbone ladder is that it is easy to use, can not slide, and can be constructed by one person; there are also disadvantages, especially some complex terrain, such as the stairs above the ladder, is troublesome.


Well, finally, this section of lazy bag is that commercial housing individuals recommend buying 5-6 step belt toolbox with handrail aluminum herringbone ladder. A specific analysis of a villa or a raised house.

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