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Seedlings planting process for gardening

Seedlings planting process for gardening

Seedlings planting process for gardening


  1. Preparation:

(1) selection and preparation of planting soil.

  1. plain fertile soil, this soil physical and chemical properties of the best, the most suitable for tree growth, but in the city's limited land area, belong to this condition soil type is rare.


  1. barren hills and wastelands, in the outskirts of the city or the urban-rural junction, a larger area, generally not after deep-turning ripening, soil fertility is low.

 Seedlings planting process for gardening


  1. coal ash soil or construction waste soil, such as coal ash, garbage, animal and plant debris, etc. , as well as after the construction of the residue, coal, sand, debris and other construction waste piled up soil, usually gravel content is high, causing greater resistance to the growth of tree roots.


  1. after the construction of municipal works, in the city, such as Subway, Civil Air Defense Project, road reconstruction and other places, because of the construction, will turn the immature soil to the surface, the soil structure is poor, the effective nutrient content is low. In addition, the mechanical compaction of soil during construction can easily lead to hard soil and poor permeability.


  1. artificial soil layer, that is, artificial construction, instead of the natural foundation of the building, in response to the phenomenon of urban building density to solve the problem of land tension, such as the roof of the building garden, underground car park, Subway, underground water storage tanks, such as the top, can be regarded as the carrier of artificial soil layer. The artificial soil layer has no groundwater supply, and the soil layer thickness is limited, effective soil moisture capacity is also small, if there is no rain or artificial irrigation, easy to produce soil drought, not conducive to the growth of trees. Because of the large heat capacity of natural soil, the change of ground temperature is less affected by the change of air temperature and is relatively constant, while the artificial soil is different, the soil layer is thin, influenced by the change of outside air temperature and the heat change from the lower structure of the soil layer, the soil temperature changes greatly.


  1. Industrial and mining sites, where harmful waste water and gases from factories pollute the land, causing trees to fail to grow, except in the case of good soil replacement, there is generally no other way to improve it.


  1. waterside low wetlands, urban or suburban natural or artificial wetlands in the edge of the soil is usually more compact, high water content, high groundwater level, poor soil ventilation.


  1. firm soil, landscape green space is often trampled by people and vehicles, so that the soil compaction increased, porosity decreased, resulting in poor soil permeability, the growth and development of trees is quite unfavorable.


  1. Salinization and desertification of soil. In Binhai, the high water level in the sea can easily lead to seawater infiltration and soil salinization and desertification, there are also some soils in inland cities which are re-salted and salinized because of unreasonable cultivation and management. Such soils should be improved before planting. Through the investigation of the soil conditions of the fixed sites, effective measures can be made before planting, and suitable methods can be taken to improve the soil to adapt to the growth of big trees during the planting period, and to improve the survival rate of planting, in order to achieve the greening effect as soon as possible, resulting in a higher comprehensive effect.


  • preparation of planting bags. The size of the bag is determined according to the actual size of the ball. The size of the bag is as follows: 40cm (wide) x 30cm (high) ,45X40,50X40,55X40,65X50,70X50,100X65. Of course, some of the earth is particularly large can not use the planting bag, should choose to use bricks, wall into a round or oval shape.


  • the selection and preparation of supporting wood. Do the general selection of Chinese fir tripod support, depending on the size of the selection of different sizes of Chinese fir: 2-4 cm (diameter) x 3m (height) , 5-7 cm x 4m. Do the general selection of the air fixed frame bamboo, bamboo selection criteria, straight and tough (such as Carnation) .


  • arrangements for workers. Arrange the number of workers according to the actual situation, balance the workload and urgency, reasonable choice of manual unloading (or planting) or mechanical unloading (or planting) .


(5) preparation of other matters. Such as buckets, hoes, shovels, hammers, nails, scaffolding rope, pruning and other planting-related tools.


  1. Unload the seedlings. Whether it is manual or mechanical unloading, it should be taken lightly, according to the planting plan (planting row spacing) reasonable selection of the position of stacking the corresponding number of seedlings and stacking direction should be consistent, neat.


  1. Trim. It is mainly to cut off the dense branches, cross branches, weak branches, pendulous branches, outgrowth branches and pest branches, which is beneficial to ventilation and light transmission, to promote branches to be strong, and to keep the plant shape beautiful, and to retain the old leaves as far as possible, leave about one-third appropriate, cut the section of wax or with film bandage, in order to prevent water evaporation and invasion of germs. The technicians trained the workers in advance and demonstrated in person.


  1. Plant. When planting, the bottom of the bag should first be laid with a layer of planting soil about 5 cm thick, then put the plants into the bag, place them in the middle, then add planting soil into the bag and press it down with a wooden stick while adding, the height of the planting soil should not exceed 5 cm above the soil ball (it will sink after irrigation) . If it is a big tree, should first nail on the support wood, generally put the tripod shape; if the smaller seedlings, can be all planted or part of the bamboo fixed in the air.


  1. This is about the survival of seedlings one of the most important reasons, then how to irrigate the roots to be qualified? The first tool to be

Choose PVC hose, end 45 ° angle cut into blade-like, easy to insert into the soil, length of about 1 meter is appropriate. Then, at a random location in the planting container, insert a PVC hose at an oblique angle on the inside of the soil ball. After the soil has eaten enough of the spilled mud, continue to fill the soil ball with the same method around once, so that an obvious ditch appears in the container, finally, the soil above the ball and the furrow outside the soil can be irrigated wet. After filling the root should be according to the height of the bag soil appropriate increase or decrease of soil, generally the height of the soil cover should be less than 2 cm. Finally, the soil ball was sealed with mulching film to prevent the root rot caused by the seedling head too wet to die.


  1. Daily Maintenance. Please refer to the main points of flowers and trees maintenance. Of course, just planted seedlings should be special maintenance, in general, the morning and afternoon should be fully watering 2-3 times water.

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