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Knowledge of tufted carpet

Knowledge of tufted carpet

Knowledge of tufted carpet


Introduction to tufted carpet


Tufted rug is a kind of machine-made carpet that is mechanically flocked with a row of needles on the fabric bottom cloth to form a circular pile or a cut pile carpet surface. Tufted carpet originated in Georgia in the 19th century. In the 1930s and 1940s, it developed into row needle flocking. In the 1950s, jacquard and printed tufted carpets appeared, and gradually became popular in Europe and the United States. Since the 1960s, tufted carpets, with chemical fiber as the main raw material and a width of 4 ~ 5m, have become the most productive and widely used variety in machine-made carpets.


Knowledge of tufted carpet


The composition of tufted carpet: it is composed of suede yarn, primary base cloth (PP cloth), latex adhesive layer and secondary base cloth (yarn cloth).


Material of tufted carpet: the general tufted carpet is made of polyester, nylon, polypropylene and other blended yarn, and the high-end carpet uses pure wool yarn.


Style of tufted carpet: flat loop velvet, flat cut velvet, loop velvet jacquard, cut velvet jacquard, high cut low loop and high cut low loop style; Another is the high and low velvet jacquard style formed by the secondary weaving of tufts.


Applicable occasions of tufted carpet: hotel rooms are used as hotel carpets, corridors, small halls, public areas are used as office carpets, automobile carpets, walkways, offices, leisure areas, etc.


Features of tufted carpet


  1. There are a wide range of designs and styles to choose from, and the appearance is plump and elastic;


  1. The product grade covers high, middle and low ranges, and can meet different customer needs;


  1. Simple process, high production efficiency, short delivery cycle and low price;


  1. High dimensional stability, no shrinkage during use;


  1. Fire retardant, sound-absorbing and wear-resisting;


  1. The product has wide applicability and can be used in different places;


  1. Easy laying and wiring.


Tufted carpet production


Tufted carpets are made by machines and belong to one of the major categories of mechanically woven carpets. It is formed by inserting tufted yarn into the main floor cloth of the carpet through steel needles to form an irregular surface effect, and then holding the city head with glue in the subsequent process. As the carpet has high production efficiency, compact cluster rods, is suitable for areas with frequent trampling, and is easy to maintain, it is the first choice carpet for hotel, guest room and office decoration, which is good in quality and low in price.


For the plush of tufted carpet, a special tufting needle is used to implant wool yarn on the base cloth to form a loop, and the loop is cut to form plush. The back of the base cloth is coated with resin and rubber (backing rubber) to fix the loop or plush, so as to prevent the loose falling off of the nap and pilling, and improve the dimensional stability of the blanket. A layer of foam backing can be pasted on the back of the carpet coated with glue, or a second layer of fabric can be pasted on the back of the carpet, which is called secondary backing. Both of them have the function of increasing the elasticity and durability of the tufted carpet.


Manufacturing technology of tufted carpet


  1. Material preparation: the preheated and finalized propylene fiber is spun into base cloth and various chemical fiber yarns required for flocking.


  1. Flocking and shaping, that is, the chemical fiber yarn is led by the needle arranging machine to form neat and dense loop flocking or cutting flocking on the blanket surface.


  1. Apply synthetic latex or polyester adhesive on the back of the blanket, and stick the base cloth and flocking into a solid whole.


  1. The finishing process includes leveling the blanket surface with a shearing machine, printing the blanket surface, pasting a styrofoam backing such as styrene butadiene rubber or polyurethane or a jute backing on the back of the blanket, and fluffing and finishing the blanket surface with steam. The price is cheap, but there are few varieties.

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