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Pattern and color of kitchen rugs

Pattern and color of kitchen rugs

The pattern and color of kitchen rugs


Because of the different materials and weaving methods, the patterns and colors of kitchen rugs are different, but as a whole they can be divided into traditional style and modern style.


Pattern and color of kitchen rugs


Traditional kitchen rug patterns and colors


Traditional kitchen rugs refer to kitchen rugs made of wool and silk by hand weaving. Our country produces this kind of kitchen rug has a long history, and has formed the unique pattern style, has the luxuriant, the exquisite elegant characteristic. According to the specific layout and artistic style of the pattern, the traditional kitchen rug pattern can be divided into five types: Beijing pattern, fine arts pattern, colorful pattern, plain convex pattern and oriental pattern.


Beijing kitchen rug


Beijing-style kitchen rugs have strong traditional Chinese artistic characteristics. They are made up of many Chinese classical patterns, such as dragon, Phoenix, blessing, longevity, treasure flowers, pattern, Bo Gu, etc. , and absorb weaving cotton, embroidery, architecture, lacquerware and other sister art characteristics, constitute the implication of a beautiful, interesting picture. The composition of beijing-style kitchen rug is regular and symmetrical, and its structure is strict. It usually has the routine formula of dragon, branch flower, corner cloud, big side, small side and outside. In the center of the kitchen rug is a circular pattern, called“Quillon”, which is dotted with folded flowers and four corner flowers, and surrounded by several wide and narrow lace, forming a multi-level layout of primary and secondary order.


The color of beijing-style kitchen rug is simple and honest, and it is often used in green, dark green, magenta, camel, moon white and so on. In the overall color scheme, there are positive match (Deep and light edge) , negative match (light and deep edge) , plain match (same color match) and color match (color series match of different hue) . Because of the unique style of pattern and color, beijing-style kitchen rug has distinct national characteristics and elegant decorative aesthetic feeling.


  1. Art kitchen rugs


Art kitchen rug to realistic and changing flowers and plants, such as Rose, Rose, roll grass, spiral thread for the material, composition is symmetrical and smooth pattern, but more free style than beijing-style kitchen rug elegant. The center of the kitchen rug is often composed of a cluster of flowers in an oval pattern with several layers of wreaths arranged around it. Art kitchen rugs feature a variety of curling patterns, which combine the smooth and unrestrained curling of the other


Decorative patterns constitute the basic pattern of the skeleton, so that the kitchen rug surface to form a few major decorative parts-the central flower, ring


Flowers and lace,


arrange the main plants in these areas. The edge of the kitchen rug is not as simple as beijing-style linear, but the use of a more flexible form, with flowers and changing patterns interspersed with each other. Therefore, the art kitchen rug has the pattern rich in changes, flowers, elegant shape of the characteristics. With more Chinese and western combination of modern decorative interest.


Fine-art kitchen rug is similar to gouache block-surface color separation method to show the color levels of bright and dark leaves, there is a strong sense of three-dimensional and realistic. Often to calm and reserved camel, dark green, gray-blue, gray-green, dark color for the ground. The flowers are bright in color, and the leaves and curly grass are dark green and brown in color. The overall color is harmonious and elegant, bright but not vulgar. After the kitchen rug was woven, ōbana made the general shears, large flowers with raised treatment, rich patterns, the primary and secondary clear.


  1. Colorful kitchen rugs


The colorful kitchen rugs are made of natural realistic flowers, such as peony, chrysanthemum, rose, pine, bamboo and plum, etc. , no Fringe. One, two or three or four broken branches are arranged in the kitchen rug, and they are usually in the form of diagonals. The surface of the kitchen rug is ethereal and clear, and the flowers are motionless and bright. It has the tranquil charm of Chinese painting. The colorful kitchen rugs are flexible in composition and full of changes. Sometimes the flowers are luxuriant, sometimes the picture is only dotted with small flowers. Sometimes you can also add some changes of patterns such as moire, Moire and so on as the foil of folding branch flowers, add layers and interest to the picture.


The patterns of colorful kitchen rugs are natural and soft, bright and fresh, and the flowers are often treated with the shading technique of gradual change of color, which combines the realistic style and the aesthetic feeling of decoration style. The kitchen rug is even more delicate and lifelike when it is cut out of warp sheets.


An art kitchen rug pattern


Beijing style kitchen rug pattern


Oriental kitchen rug pattern


Plain raised kitchen rug pattern


A pattern of colorful kitchen rugs


  1. Plain kitchen rug


Plain kitchen rug is a kind of plain kitchen rug with protruding pattern. The pattern is the same color as the surface of the kitchen rug. After cutting, the flowers are raised like relief. In the composition form, similar to the colorful kitchen rug, it is also made of folded branches or deformed flowers and plants. It adopts a free and flexible balanced pattern, and is usually placed diagonally to take care of each other. Because the flower ground is one color, in order to make the pattern bright and eye-catching, therefore the design style is concise and simple.


The common colors of plain raised kitchen rug are rose, crimson, dark green, camel, blue, etc. . kitchen rug flower-shaped three-dimensional level feeling is strong, elegant and generous, suitable for laying a variety of environments, is now more widely used in our country a kitchen rug.


Oriental kitchen rugs


Oriental kitchen rug pattern theme, style and pattern with the first four kitchen rugs have obvious differences. The patterns are mostly made of Persian patterns, and various kinds of trees, leaves, flowers, vines, birds and animals have been changed and processed, and combined with geometric data to form a highly decorative pattern, which has a very strong oriental flavor. Oriental kitchen rugs usually have a central pattern that matches the border patterns of different widths and widths. The central pattern can be the pattern of a central flower plus four corner flowers, or the pattern can be the pattern of twining flowers or flowers freely or repeatedly arranged. The layout was precise and the pattern was all over the kitchen rug.


Oriental kitchen rug color rich and deep, mostly brown, tan, gray-green tone. Often with the variety of small flowers, branches and leaves to form a group of patterns, and with a single line to show the shape of the pattern and structure, so the oriental kitchen rug pattern appears delicate and delicate.


  1. Patterns and colors of woven and tufted kitchen rugs


Compared with traditional textile kitchen rugs, woven and tufted kitchen rugs have a simple and rough pattern, which can be planted and spliced at will. The pattern of this kind of kitchen rug chooses the geometric pattern, abstract pattern and changing pattern with modern decorative interest as the material. In the composition of the form of the use of more geometric structure and mosaic structure, with a simple grid, diamond, hexagonal, swastika, such as the staggered combination of striations, form a smooth and symmetrical network structure, graphics neat and varied, resulting in a very regular sense of rhythm.


Some of the smaller surface of the kitchen rug woven kitchen rug, crochet tufted kitchen rug patterns are also suitable for pattern pattern. This kind of kitchen rug is often placed in a certain part of the interior, such as the center of the living room or sofa around, with a relaxed and lively characteristics. Its pattern is not as fine and complex as the traditional kitchen rug pattern, mostly is the geometric pattern combination, the pattern is concise, bold and free, and with more abstract meaning, very harmonious with the modern interior decoration style.


The color of woven kitchen rug is simple and clean, often using 3-5 color, with less is better than more, the pursuit of stable, quiet decorative sense. Red, strawberry, blue, gray, green, dark brown, brown and camel are common colors. In recent years, with the influence of modern decoration, the traditional dark-toned kitchen rug has been replaced by bright-toned development trend.


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