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The advantages and disadvantages of five different kinds of carpets(doormats and kitchen mats)

The advantages and disadvantages of five different kinds of carpets(doormats and kitchen mats)

The advantages and disadvantages of five different kinds of carpets(doormats and kitchen mats)


The advantages and disadvantages of five different materials carpets


The advantages and disadvantages of five different kinds of carpets(doormats and kitchen mats)


  1. The advantages of wool carpet: good elasticity, not easy to pollute, deformation, wear, and heat insulation


Disadvantages: non -corrosion resistance and insects and high prices.


  1. Nylon carpet: Advantages: good wear resistance, easy cleaning, not corrosion, no insects, no mildew change


Disadvantages: easy to deform, easy to generate electrostatic, and partially dissolved in the fire


  1. Polyester carpet: Advantages: wear resistance is second only to nylon, heat resistance, sun -resistant, not moldy, not insects


Disadvantages: dyeing is more difficult.


  1. Polypropylene carpet: Advantages: light quality, good elasticity, high strength, rich raw materials, low production costs


  1. Acrylic carpet: Advantages: soft, warm, good elasticity, not moldy, non -corrosion, no insects


Disadvantages: poor wear resistance


The two types of carpets of polyester carpets and Poar carpet are chemical fiber carpets. The appearance of chemical fiber carpet is similar to wool carpets, wear -resistant and elastic, and has the characteristics of anti -dirt and insects. The price is lower than other material carpets. Therefore, the gap between these two carpets is not large, each with advantages and disadvantages, and preferences vary from person to person.


Features of polyester carpet:


Strength: polyester fiber is nearly twice as strong as cotton and three times higher than wool, so polyester fabric is strong and durable.

Heat resistance: It can be used at 70 to 170 ° C. It is the best heat resistance and thermal stability in synthetic fibers.


Elasticity: The elasticity of polyester is close to wool. The wrinkles resistance exceeds other fibers.


Abrasion resistance: The wear resistance of polyester is second only to nylon, ranking second in synthetic fibers.


Water absorption: polyester has low water absorption and moisture regain and good insulation performance, but due to low water absorption, large static electricity generated by friction and poor dyeing performance


Characteristics of polypropylene carpet:


It has the advantages of light quality, wear resistance, low search price, and beauty, and is welcomed by consumers. Because the extreme oxygen index of polypropylene is 18.6 and the fire temperature is 570 degrees Celsius. Therefore It happened, so there are still certain limitations.



The blending carpet is a ground decoration material made of hair fiber and various synthetic fibers. In our blended carpet, it is mixed with synthetic fibers. The carpet is better. And its blending carpet is five times more abrasion than ordinary carpets, and at the same time, his decoration effect is also very obvious. The blending carpet is no less than other carpets in terms of decoration, and it also has the price advantage in the market.


The wear resistance of blended carpets is five times higher than our pure wool carpet. At the same time, he also overcomes the shortcomings of chemical fiber carpet static gas, and can also overcome the shortcomings such as pure wool carpets. In our blended carpet, it has the advantages of insulation, wear resistance, insect resistance, and high strength. In addition, its elasticity and foot feel are better than chemical fiber carpets, and the price is more moderate. It is especially suitable for use in the decoration of the economy. Therefore, it is now favored by consumers and has been recognized by consumers' general films.


The shape of the carpet and its entire carpet in the market is very famous in our carpet industry. At the same time, the popularity and reputation of the blending carpet have received a lot in our carpet industry. Welcome. And the shape of the blending carpet is more popular in the market. In addition, it can also make up for the shortcomings of pure wool carpet and the shortcomings of chemical fiber carpets. This is a good advantage of a carpet.


The entire pattern of the blending carpet gives a sense of intuitive beauty. When we choose a blending carpet, the most intuitive way is to flatten the carpet in the bright place. Watch the color of the whole carpet to coordinate. There should be no discoloration and different colors. Secondly, our overall composition of our blended carpet is complete, the lines of the pattern should be clear and round, and the outline between the colors and the color should be clear. We must choose a good blending carpet, which is the dense line head and flawless carpet.

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